A Guide for Owners: What to Consider When Scheduling Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services

May 18, 2023 | Restaurant Cleaning

No matter how large in scale, managers or owners of restaurants know the importance of cleanliness at their respective establishments. To operate a safe and hygienic environment for customers and staff, it is the smart business practice to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company.

From saving money to saving your time and sanity, an experienced professional cleaning company will ensure that your restaurant is ready for customers.

Once you’ve found a trusted and reliable cleaning company, one important thing to think about is when they should perform their services. Depending on the type of restaurant you own or manage will dictate the best time to schedule restaurant cleaning.

Here are some things to think about when scheduling restaurant cleaning services:


Plan around “downtime” at your restaurant

Like many other businesses, restaurants may experience crowds at certain times of the day.

For example, if you manage a coffee shop, the mornings will likely be very busy, so scheduling cleaning services after lunchtime or in the afternoon would make sense. For a fine dining restaurant specializing in dinner, mornings would likely be better for commercial kitchen cleaning. Deciding to do deep restaurant cleaning during a peak dinner hour such as 7 pm would likely be inefficient and disruptive.

Identify when the busiest times of day are and when your restaurant has the least amount of traffic, and plan around that! For many restaurants that see steady traffic throughout the day, cleaning either before opening or after closing are effective ways to be ready for service.


Evaluate cleaning needs

How big is your restaurant? What areas require daily, weekly, or monthly attention? 

Understanding the scope of your restaurant’s cleaning needs will help determine how long cleaning appointments may take and how often they need to be scheduled. From there, you can schedule the cleaning services accordingly.

Have open communication with your cleaning company

To ensure that your commercial restaurant cleaning services are as efficient and successful as possible, keep the lines of communication open with your cleaning partners. 

Things that should be discussed include:

    • Who should be present when the cleaning services are scheduled?
    • What supplies (if any) need to be provided?
    • What are the plans for seamless transitions during cleaning sessions? 
    • What does the restaurant staff need to clean in between professional cleaning sessions? 
    • What are your expectations for their services? Be clear about what you need from them!

Incorporate your team

There are regular cleaning tasks that can be done by your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s advisable to have the commercial cleaning company you work with create a comprehensive checklist for in-between deep cleaning appointments.

Making these plans with your staff will ensure efficiency and effectiveness when your professional team comes in to clean.

For example, here are some things that can be done regularly:

During the shift:

      • Using sanitizing cleaning products to wipe down the bar, tables, countertops, and other frequently used surface
      • Bar rags should be switched out frequently to avoid spreading germs
      • Running glassware through the dishwasher
      • Wiping down and refilling disposable items like napkins, straws, etc.
      • Emptying trash and recycling bins
      • Maintain bathroom cleanliness, wiping down sinks and countertops, emptying trash, and ensuring the toilet is spotless

When closing down:

      • Clean and sanitize soda guns
      • Clean and empty garnish trays
      • Remove and spray down floor mats
      • Sweep and mop floors
      • Bar rags should be switched out frequently to avoid spreading germs
      • Sanitizing the bathroom

Partner with ABS For All Your Restaurant Cleaning Needs!

With cleanliness being such a top priority and critical need for restaurant owners and managers, it’s important to count on the pros. The experienced and trusted team here at ABS will keep your restaurant sparkling so that all you have to worry about is great food and excellent customer service.    

Working collaboratively, let’s devise a cleaning schedule that fits with your restaurant’s schedule and needs so that you can focus on running your business. No matter what hour in the day (or night!) you need us, our skilled team can be there to keep your restaurant sparkling and ready for customers. 

For over five decades, we’ve provided exceptional cleaning services for restaurants and food establishments in CT and NY. Connect with us here or at 888-673-6010 and let’s discuss your commercial cleaning needs and how we can help!