A Checklist to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

Jul 27, 2022 | Restaurant Cleaning

What’s always on the menu of every restaurant no matter what cuisine they serve? 

Cleanliness in the kitchen!

The necessity of a spotless kitchen is just as important as food and service in every food establishment. 

Research shows that over 90% of guests say cleanliness is one of the most important factors when choosing and frequenting a restaurant. From ensuring the health and safety of your patrons to making a lasting impression, keeping your restaurant clean starts in the kitchen, right where the food is being prepared.

Since restaurants have re-opened their doors following the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing have never been more essential. In fact, Statista reports that bar and restaurant sales climbed to an all-time high of $72.2 billion in 2021, up from the pandemic low of 29.9 billion in April 2020.

Why is kitchen cleanliness in restaurants so important?


The CDC estimates that nearly 50 million people get sick from a foodborne illness each year. Prevent foodborne illness from common disease-causing germs such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, pathogenic E Coli, and Listeria by practicing safety protocols and working closely with a professional kitchen cleaning company.

Here are a few other reasons why high-level cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant kitchen also matter:

  • The safety of your employees and guests depends on it – greasy or wet floors can cause slip and fall accidents
  • Equipment will run more efficiently when thoroughly cleaned
  • A clean kitchen ventilation system, including ducts and hoods, prevent fires
  • Food will be managed more efficiently when storage areas are clean and organized
  • Maintain the image of your business
  • Attract new customers and increase repeat traffic

Restaurant cleaning checklist

A professional kitchen cleaning company can provide you with a comprehensive cleaning checklist for you and your team, but here’s a daily, weekly, and monthly list to get you started!



  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean the tops and underside of the grill, griddle, range, flattop, and fryer
  • Change foil lining on top of ranges, grills, and flattops
  • Wipe down other equipment: coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and slicers.
  • Sanitize prep area surfaces.
  • Clean beverage dispenser heads and soda guns.
  • Clean sinks.
  • Wash rags, towels, aprons, and uniforms in a washing machine.
  • Sweep walk-in refrigerators and other storage.
  • Disinfect waste disposal areas and trash cans.
  • Clean floors.


  • Clean oven walls, doors, and racks.
  • Delime sinks and faucets.
  • Boil out the deep fryer.
  • Wash and sanitize walk-in refrigerator and freezer.
  • Clean floor drain.


  • Wash behind the hot line.
  • Run cleaning chemicals through coffee machines.
  • Clean and sanitize the ice machine.
  • Clean and sanitize the freezer.
  • Clean refrigerator coils.
  • Empty grease traps.
  • Wash walls and ceilings to remove grease buildup.
  • Wash vent hoods.

It’s time to partner with the commercial kitchen cleaning pros!

A professional restaurant cleaning company can help with the above checklist items, but also help your business establish a regular cleaning routine. A consistently cleaned and organized kitchen will ensure that overall kitchen maintenance is efficient and streamlined.


Commercial cleaning for kitchens can help your food business with:

  • Proper grease removal techniques using the right chemicals and processes 
  • A focus on flooring beyond just the standard mop and bucket, which can leave behind residual layers of grease and dirt 
  • Employee training 
  • New technologies to thoroughly clean and sanitize your facility  
  • Establishing a regular maintenance schedule, including deep kitchen cleanings, to stay on top of food and guest safety guidelines

American Building Services – the Northeast leader in commercial kitchen cleaning 

Guests expect cleanliness from start to finish (and research shows they will spend more and/or return after a positive experience!). Partnering with a trusted, experienced, and skilled commercial kitchen cleaning team like ABS can ensure the health, safety, and satisfaction of your patrons and employees.   

Reach out today and let’s schedule a complimentary consultation and walkthrough of your restaurant. We’re here to ensure that yours looks impeccable so that you can focus on food, service, and keeping your restaurant guests happy! 


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