Get Focused on Your Flooring

Jun 22, 2022 | Building Maintenance

Maintaining the appearance and safety of a commercial space may often feel like a neverending to-do list, but here’s the good news…the more care and attention you put toward the big things like your flooring will mean fewer headaches later on.

Extend the life and vitality of your commercial flooring by establishing good cleaning and maintenance practices early on. Your efforts will make all the difference, and save you money!


Here’s why your commercial floors require constant care and attention

Your floors bear the brunt of foot traffic, spills, scratches, Mother Nature’s elements, scuffs, and so much more. Without proper maintenance, it’s easy for floors to look weathered and worn, which will influence the way guests, customers, and staff view your facility.

Shiny, clean, and well-maintained floors are not only important for the appearance of your facility, but safety as well.

Here are a few reasons why high-level cleaning and maintenance of your flooring system is important:

  • Maintaining floors will cost far less than having to repair or replace them – a regular maintenance schedule will surely expand a flooring system’s lifespan!
  • A floor care system will promote good health and prioritize safety.
  • Maintain sanitation with floors that are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Well-kept commercial floors will reflect positively on your business.


How to properly maintain your commercial floors

It takes time and effort to keep your floors in good condition, however, the more consistent care that is taken, the easier they will be to maintain.

When it comes to maintaining the floors in your commercial space, here are a few key tips and tricks:

1. At a minimum, clean floors daily.

Routine cleaning is critical to ensuring the vitality of your floors. Particularly in high-traffic areas like lobbies and waiting rooms, floors may need to be cleaned every few hours. Regular floor cleaning is also important during inclement weather, like water, snow, and salt can quickly damage flooring systems. Daily maintenance tips may include: clearing and sweeping hard surface floors, vacuuming highly-trafficked areas, and mopping floors with premium wet mops. 

2. Use mats and rugs throughout your facility.

High-traffic areas can benefit from putting down mats and rugs to prevent greater damage from foot traffic, dirt, and Mother Nature’s elements. Ensure that all mats and rugs are safely laid flat, routinely cleaned, and changed out as necessary.

3. Understand how to clean and maintain different types of flooring.

There are many forms of commercial flooring that require different treatments, preparation, and care. For example,  concrete is one of the most popular types of commercial flooring, but did you know that it requires daily mopping and regular deep cleaning and polishing? Get to know your flooring and how best to care for it.

4. Create a regular maintenance schedule, including deep cleanings and seasonal care.

The key to extending the life of your flooring depends on how you care for them throughout the year. Prepare for your needs based on the type of flooring, season, and how much wear and tear your floors experience. Certain times of the year, like winter, may require more regular maintenance to combat snow, ice, salt, and extra precipitation.

5. Partner with commercial floor cleaning experts.

Working with an experienced commercial cleaning company will have the expertise to keep your floors looking their best. Professionals will know what products, equipment, and methods will best suit your needs. Additionally, you can work with them to create a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, which can ensure you stay on schedule.


Rely on American Building Services – floor care experts for nearly 50 years!

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With an experienced, highly-trained, and dedicated team, American Building Services (ABS) has kept the floors of businesses nationwide in pristine condition. We proudly use the very best products, technology, and equipment like Tennant Machinery, which is widely recognized as a recognized leader in the cleaning industry, to deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Check the roof for broken or damaged shingles.

Sudden and quick rainfall can happen frequently during the summer, so take a close look for any roof damage. Water can make its way into a building through deficits in the roof and can cause major issues for your commercial facility. A building’s roof must be entirely damage-free, otherwise, you run the risk of an unhealthy and unsafe environment for your employees and guests. Avoid the additional expense and hassle by being proactive and checking your roof!

Clean out the gutters.

Prevent any water blockage from flooding into your building and causing water damage or mold growth by clearing and cleaning out your gutters. This includes the removal of leaves, trash, and other debris.

Ensure the safety of walkways and parking lots.

If you run a commercial business like a restaurant or theater, you’ll likely enjoy increased crowds this summer. Winter can do major damage to concrete or asphalt, so it’s critical to inspect and repair your facility’s walkways and parking lots so that your guests are kept safe. Do regular walkthroughs of these highly trafficked common spaces and repair any large cracks or damages promptly. Also, make sure that outdoor lighting is working properly, keeping paths or parking lots well-lit and safe.

Pay extra attention to windows and ledges.

Over time, the seals around windows can wear away, allowing the chance for water and mold to grow inside. It can be very difficult to control mold once it starts growing, so be proactive about spotting damage and repairing window seals promptly.

Schedule plumbing and electrical inspections and maintenance.

Warmer, hotter days mean that water and electricity usage will increase. Regular inspections and maintenance for both these systems are an absolute necessity, especially when the temps continue to rise as the summer wages on.

Your thorough plumbing system inspection should check for leaks, chipped sealants, and unexpected odors that may be a sign of mold or mildew.

Even in a new building, do not let a small electrical problem turn into something big. While it’s common to have lighting issues because of electricity consumption, it is critical to check flickering lights, which may indicate faulty wiring that could turn into a fire.

Keep medical facilities in good health. 

According to the CDC, the summer is a time of heightened risk, when picnicking, vacationing and other outdoor activities are happening all over the country. The CDC cites that there is a spike in both accidents and fatalities, particularly in July. 

If you manage a medical facility such as a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office in NY and CT, extra diligence must be paid to ensure that your facility is well-maintained and clean to welcome patients. With COVID-19 protocols still in effect, make sure that you’re working with a commercial cleaning company near NY and CT that specializes in the highly sensitive cleaning and disinfection needs of medical facilities.

ABS is here for all your commercial cleaning, maintenance and repair needs all summer long!

Ensure that your employees and the guests that enter your facility are kept safe and comfortable all summer by partnering with a trusted and experienced partner who understands  the importance of details and due diligence.

For over 50 years, we have helped clients all over the Tri-State area and nationwide keep their commercial facilities running and looking their best both in the summer months and all year round. 

Reach out today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs this summer, and how we can help!