Commercial Floor Cleaning Solutions For Your Business: Tennant Machinery

Feb 24, 2021 | Building Maintenance

Did you know that snow and water tracked on your floors inside can create mold, mildew, and other hazardous conditions?

The elements of Mother Nature combined with the salt and sand used to combat snow and ice can wreak havoc on your flooring. These coarse, grainy materials can get trapped on the bottoms of boots and shoes, which can track inside. Over time, the build-up and contact of these materials with even the most polished floors can cause wear and tear. Excessive salt exposure and cold temperatures can result in damage to any flooring.

Your floors will feel the wrath of winter; we have the best commercial floor cleaning solutions to offer. 

To combat the risk of long-term damage, our team uses Tennant Machinery. 

Our clients deserve the best. As such, we utilize the very best commercial floor cleaning equipment and advanced technology available to guarantee superior-looking floors. 

The dedicated team at ABS is proud to use Tennant Machinery to clean and maintain the commercial flooring in client spaces in New York and around the country. 

Why Tennant Machinery? 

When it comes to cleaning innovations, Tennant Machinery is simply the best in the business. A recognized leader of the cleaning industry, they are passionate about developing innovative and sustainable solutions that help our customers clean spaces more effectively, addressing indoor and outdoor cleaning challenges.

The Best Commercial Floor Cleaning

In our experience, nothing compares to the floor cleaning solutions provided by Tennant Machinery. 

  • High performing: The technology at the heart of the battery-powered walk-behind floor burnishers we use elevates cleaning standards. Performing better than your typical store-bought commercial floor cleaning products, our machinery not only removes dirt and debris but leaves surfaces safe, dry, and ready for traffic.
  • Versatile: We work with clients in nearly every industry. The equipment used is compatible with any floor type, no matter the location. From schools and grocery stores to commercial buildings, Tennant Machinery is what we recommend! 
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Decreased sound levels and the use of floor cleaning chemicals reduce environmental impact. Additionally, many of the machines utilize innovative technology to reduce water consumption.
  • Safe: Indoor air quality maintenance with active dust control and HEPA filtration, which means no fumes or allergens. With its optimized water recovery system, we minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. 
  • Convenient: We safely and quietly clean commercial spaces anytime, even during operating hours in the busiest of facilities due to our exhaust, fumes, and noise kept to a minimum.
  • Efficient: With maximized battery productivity and other automated features, the use of Tennant Machinery significantly reduces labor costs and will save you money!

Widely known for dependability, attention to detail and incomparable results, Advance Building Solutions (ABS) /Corporate Building Service (CBS) are industry leaders. We thrive on delivering exceptional results and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. If you need commercial floor cleaning management solutions, we can help.

We know that flooring is costly. Let us save your business money and aggravation with preventative commercial floor cleaning solutions. 

We’ll take care of your floors so that you can take care of your business.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial flooring cleaning needs and more!


When it comes to your commercial space, appearances matter. For nearly 50 years we have remained committed to our mission:

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