Your Guide For Maintaining Cleanliness & Sanitation in Non-Medical Medical Spaces

Apr 25, 2022 | Hospital Cleaning

How to Maintain Cleanliness in Non-Medical Medical Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of cleanliness in medical facilities. These healthcare spaces provide specialized healthcare services and treatment, while also combating the spread of infection.

In addition to meeting environmental cleaning standards, upholding a professionally maintained appearance and keeping staff, employees and guests safe, keeping healthcare settings meticulously clean is responsible business practice.

Patients expect cleanliness in the healthcare facilities they rely on, and it’s likely they won’t trust or patronize those that are not professionally cleaned and maintained. Who would trust their medical care to a doctors office, hospital or clinic that was rundown, unsightly, or even worse, dirty?

While there are the obvious locations in a medical facility that require routine commercial cleaning services such as operating rooms, medical equipment areas and laboratories, there are many other spaces that need regular attention.

Here are just a few of those can’t miss non-medical medical spaces:

Cafeterias & kitchens

Sanitation and disinfection is absolutely crucial in areas with food handling, preparation and storage. Not only do cleanliness considerations matter in these areas, but food safety as well. In these high traffic areas, special attention should be paid to the disposal of waste, kitchen equipment maintenance and tables/gathering spots. Plus, ask any professional in the food industry and they will tell you that cleanliness is by far the most important factor in running a successful kitchen and food business. While the cuisine in a hospital cafeteria may not be comparable to a restaurant, it is still a space for a large volume of food preparation, and as a result must be regularly cleaned and sanitized in the same fashion.

Lobbies & waiting rooms

Visitors spend much time in the lobbies and waiting rooms of medical facilities. Whether a busy hospital or small doctor’s office, hundreds of people may walk through common spaces on a daily basis, which means that cleanliness is a non-negotiable. Appearance matters, so extra attention should be placed on ensuring floors, furniture, windows, light fixtures, tables, etc. are not only immaculate, but disinfected.


Don’t neglect these small, yet highly trafficked spaces! Studies have shown that elevators are among the most germ-laden public places. Elevator buttons in particular are full of germs and must be cleaned and disinfected routinely every day.

Reception/information desk

Perhaps one of the busiest areas of a medical facility is reception, where patients and staff typically gather. The hub for paperwork and information exchanges is also full of high touch everyday items like clipboards, office supplies, phones and other equipment frequently passed around by administrators, staff, doctors, nurses and technicians. Keeping these open areas, along with the items found within these spaces, will help slow the spread of germs, and keep your facility and its inhabitants safe.

Patient rooms

For those patients that are spending the night at the hospital, their rooms require proper attention. Doctors, nurses, other medical staff and visitors frequent these rooms, and because patients spend so much time there, it is crucial that the bathroom, all surfaces and other items such as the TV, remote control, phone, call buttons, bed frame, bed rails, etc. are uncontaminated and free from disease-causing bacteria.


Restroom cleanliness is vital to public health, especially in a healthcare setting. Whether in a patient’s room or somewhere with lots of foot traffic like the lobby, the chances for contamination are higher in bathrooms. Public restrooms can never be too clean and require diligent and frequent commercial cleaning. Industrial grade cleaning and disinfecting products must be used and special attention must be paid to floors, toilets, sinks, counters, as well as to high touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles and light switches.

ABS is here for all your commercial healthcare cleaning needs!

Being in the medical industry means taking on a lot of responsibility for your patients and their safety. A big part of this is ensuring that the areas where they receive care are taken care of too. Cleanliness and sanitation are non-negotiable when running a successful and reputable healthcare facility.

For nearly 50 years we have helped medical facilities of all sizes and scopes maintain the health and vitality of their spaces. Our team is committed to helping you uphold your reputation as a place that can be trusted. This trust starts with running a facility that cares about its appearance and protocols to keep its patients safe.

Consider ABS your partner in maintaining the aesthetics of your medical facility, but also infection prevention and control. No matter your needs, we have the solutions, expertise and experience to professionally handle all the areas in your healthcare facility.

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