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 The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for cleaning and sanitation in public places, particularly in healthcare facilities. Hospitals are highly trafficked spaces where medical services and surgeries are tended to. If not kept clean, hospitals could quickly become a hotbed of contamination.

Hospitals have unique sanitation needs, and extra attention and steps must be taken. From surfaces and medical equipment to bathrooms and kitchen cleaning, healthcare personnel must go above and beyond when it comes to the precautions taken when it comes to environmental cleanliness.

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A Clean Hospital is a Safe Hospital

Hospital cleanliness combats the spread of disease, but also plays a role in public perception. People are more likely to seek treatment in a medical facility that is clean and well kept. When it comes to hospital cleaning and disinfection, consider the following items below:

Hospital Floors 

With such a steady stream of foot traffic, careful and constant attention must be paid to hospital flooring. From the moment someone steps into a hospital, floors can give an immediate first impression 

Medical Devices 

Disease can spread quickly from medical devices and equipment that is not thoroughly and quickly cleaned after use. Constant and careful sanitation is needed when it comes to things such as CT scans, x-ray machines, and examination tables

Hospital Kitchens

Kitchens and cafeterias are the center of major activity in a hospital. Between the sensitive nature of disease prevention, food preparation/handling, and steady flow of foot traffic, a regular cleaning program for hospital kitchens is necessary

Hospital Cleaning Services, NY

The standards for cleanliness are even higher at hospitals, and disinfection to prevent the spread of disease and germs is critical. Leave the dirty work in the hands of a professional cleaning company with decades of experience cleaning medical facilities nationwide. 

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