Campus Cleanliness: Maintaining the Health & Well-Being of Your Students

A quality education, the opportunity for independence, and meaningful relationships are just a few of the things students can hope for when going to college. With these hopes for their higher education experience also comes high expectations.

Consider these statistics:

    • The average cost of attendance for a student living on campus at a public 4-year in-state institution is $26,027 per year or $104,108 over 4 years
    • Out-of-state students pay $27,091 per year or $108,364 over 4 years
    • Private, nonprofit university students pay $55,840 per year or $223,360 over 4 years

Given the financial investment needed for higher education, the hopes and expectations of college students and their loved ones is warranted.

Why Campus Cleanliness Will Always be Important

One expectation that may not be discussed, but is undoubtedly non-negotiable, is the need for a clean and well-maintained learning and living environment. School cleaning is of utmost importance for colleges and universities! 

Research has shown that the overwhelming majority of students find that a lack of cleanliness can be a distraction to their learning experience and can negatively impact their health, and thus their stress levels. A beautifully-maintained and clean campus gives students the chance to be their best and work to their full potential. 

Additionally, given the high amount of foot traffic from students, faculty, staff, and guests, cleanliness is crucial in maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment. Beyond being important for learning, well-maintained and clean facilities are a matter of public health and safety.

The Challenges of Higher Education School Cleaning

With the hundreds or maybe even thousands of individuals that frequent dormitories, athletic facilities, transportation services, classroom buildings, auditoriums, restrooms, cafeterias, and so many other on-campus spaces, the complexity of keeping a university in tip top shape requires a professional commercial cleaning company.

The needs of these facilities are multifaceted and unique. High foot traffic, diverse facilities, and communal spaces with an endless number of high-touch surfaces have an impact on the cleanliness of schools. 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains a priority for schools to prioritize high-level cleaning and disinfection, however, the proper resources must be put in place. Without the proper expertise, colleges and universities could be prone to the spread of illness and disease, which means that cleaning companies must have experience at higher education institutions. 

Why outsource commercial cleaning for schools?

In addition to meeting the expectations of students and parents, professional cleaning services are needed to protect the health of students, teachers, staff and guests. From scientific laboratories to athletic facilities, commercial cleaning services can best cater to the unique needs of educational institutions. 

Academic facilities also need to plan for constant school cleaning and maintenance to avoid potential legal liabilities from things such as slipping on dirty floors or exposure to harmful pollutants. 

Other reasons for working with a professional school cleaning company:

Specialized school cleaning services

From dining halls to restrooms, laboratories, and recreational spaces, each of the areas within a school require their own unique cleaning and disinfection approaches. Partnering with the professionals will mean that your school cleaning will be expertly handled by the experts—a licensed and professional cleaning company with A+ experience cleaning schools!

Commercial cleaning companies are more efficient and can provide cost-saving solutions

Studies have shown that outsourcing cleaning services versus employing in-house full-time staff is more cost-effective. Professional cleaning companies are able to provide superior cleaning services in less time because they are professionals for a reason. They are fully trained and certified in their craft, saving you time and money in training an in-house cleaning crew.  

Additionally, professional cleaning services can implement routine cleaning and maintenance programs, preserving the condition of furniture, flooring, other surfaces, and spaces, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs, and further prolonging the lifespan of your educational facility.

Knowledge of green cleaning 

Companies that specialize in commercial cleaning will have the knowledge and background using sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions suited to educational facilities.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), certain chemicals found in many cleaning products can “cause health problems, including headaches and eye, nose and throat irritation.” They suggest using green cleaning products and approaches to help:

    • Protect the health of students, teachers and custodial staff who use the chemicals frequently
    • Prevent student and faculty absences
    • Increase cost savings by using fewer products
    • Increase the lifespan of facilities 

Make the Grade For Your School Cleaning Needs With ABS!

Commercial cleaning at schools are an unsung, yet integral part of operating your college or university effectively and safely. The health and well-being of students and faculty depend on clean facilities to maintain a positive and productive campus environment.

Here at ABS, we’ve partnered with numerous academic institutions in the Northeast to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. Our team is committed to helping you maintain your reputation as a credible educational institution that exceeds the needs of its students. We’re trustworthy, dedicated, and come highly recommended by other colleges and universities for our school cleaning services. 

Contact us at 845-656-7748 or click here for a free quote. Let us show you why we get an A+ when it comes to campus cleanliness!


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