3 Tips to Manage Cleanliness & The Delta Variant

Aug 11, 2021 | Commercial Cleaning

Why Being Proactive About the Cleanliness & Maintenance of your Commercial Facility Matters 


The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, as the Delta variant now accounts for more than 80% of newly diagnosed cases nationwide. (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention)

Nearly twice as contagious as previous variants, it has prompted the CDC to update guidance on the need for increased COVID-19 vaccination coverage and a recommendation for masks/face coverings in public indoor places.

As a result, many Americans continue to be vigilant about safeguarding themselves from infection, but what does the surge of the Delta variant mean for businesses?

Employees, customers, and guests must feel safe and protected relative to your commercial space. 

To do so, owners and managers should continue to be nimble and proactive about the cleanliness and maintenance of their facility. 

Here are a few ways to ensure your commercial space is properly managing the Delta variant. 

Combat Fear With Cleanliness

While most businesses are open – possibly with some protocols in place (i.e. limiting capacity, enforcing face coverings, etc.) – owners and managers must make the extra effort and put resources toward putting their customers and staff at ease.

Ensuring that your commercial space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized especially in high-touch, high-traffic surfaces and workspaces is the best and easiest way to combat the spread of germs. 

Businesses can work with commercial cleaning companies to ensure disinfection. From outside windows to the front lobby and workspaces, highly trained janitorial professionals can guarantee that every inch of your facility is spotless.

Here at Advance Building Solutions/Corporate Building Solutions, we specialize in the cleaning of every type of commercial space. Whether it’s a medical facility, restaurant, or office building, our highly trained team of skilled janitorial specialists have the experience to get your space shining and sanitized from the outside in.

Your staff, customers, and guests can rest assured that they will be protected while in your facility!

Prioritize Building Maintenance From the Inside Ou

Beyond the commercial cleaning of your facility, show the people frequenting your building that your business is committed to a SAFE environment.

This means putting resources and effort toward building maintenance. More than just ensuring that your space looks good, it’s making a commitment so the condition of your facility is preserved for years to come.

From painting and parking lot repairs to checks on your plumbing systems, the careful attention you put into your building will reflect in the image you project about your business.

Especially now, image and reputation have never been more important for businesses!

Make Cleanliness & Maintenance Part of Your Routine

Scheduled maintenance and cleaning promote a sense of security and awareness in your commercial space, and it’s easy enough to infuse these practices so that it becomes part of your normal business operations. 

Get your staff involved by asking for their feedback. Encourage them to participate in various cleaning and/or maintenance efforts by providing incentives such as extra time off or gift cards. Many commercial cleaning companies can provide staff training and extra cleaning products to help maintain a sanitary environment.

Work with your trusted facilities partner to create a schedule for regular cleaning and maintenance throughout the year. 

For example, with cold-weather months right around the corner, now would be an ideal time to set up a walkthrough of your space to ensure that it’s ready for fall and winter. By keeping things such as cleaning the gutters or power washing the exterior of your building, you’re getting into the habit of cleaning and maintenance.

You’ll find that it’s more cost-effective to routinely care for your building rather than wait until there is damage or even worse, an emergency.

ABS-CBS: Your Partners in Commercial Facility Cleanup & Maintenance 

We understand that the Delta variant and pandemic, in general, have impacted your business, so why not take the burden of cleaning and maintenance off your to-do list?

Our dedicated team can handle all the heavy lifting so that all you need to worry about is running your business!

Reach out today so that we can discuss your commercial facility goals and how we can help you achieve them.