Outsourcing Janitorial Services is a Smart Business Practice

Apr 8, 2021 | Janitorial Services

No matter your industry, owning your own business means that you have to wear many hats. Especially for those business owners that have a facility or commercial space, the responsibilities may feel endless. 

One non-negotiable in owning or managing a facility is that it must be cleaned regularly. Whether you have a restaurant,  retail store, or office building, the cleanliness of your space matters and is a reflection of your business. 

Particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must be even more conscious and proactive about protecting their employees, guests, and customers. This means ensuring that commercial spaces are regularly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. 

The question then becomes, who should be responsible for the cleaning and janitorial maintenance? 

Unless you run a large corporation with a facility, and employ an on-site janitorial team, it is generally more advantageous for your company to outsource the cleaning to a professional cleaning company, especially one that specializes in commercial spaces. 

With over 50 years of experience providing janitorial services to businesses in the Tri State and nationwide, Advance Building Solutions (ABS) have found that hiring the experts to handle your commercial cleaning will ultimately give you superior results and save you time and money. Unfortunately, we have also learned that businesses tend to underfund the cleaning and maintenance of their facilities, not realizing there could be health and safety implications if not managed correctly.

Why Call in the Experts.

Here are the top five reasons why you should call in the experts to do your dirty work.

1.     It will cost you less money.

Yes, spending the money to hire an outside company will actually save you money. Here at ABS, we work closely with our clients to develop a regular cleaning schedule. This allows us to provide flexible rates for the services we provide, and because we are so efficient, we can get the job done in a shorter amount of time. 

Additionally, instead of employing a regular wage employee on your team, by outsourcing your cleaning to an outside company, you save money by not having overhead costs such as training, onboarding, benefits, uniforms, etc. 

Last but not least, when you’re running a business, your time is perhaps your most valuable asset. You should be using your time to focus on the activities that will actually grow your business. Cleaning and maintenance can be laborious and time consuming. Outsourcing these activities will allow you to focus on the many other things that need your attention.

2.     Expect exceptional cleaning results.

Professionals are professionals for a reason! The same way you’re passionate and an expert in your particular field, so are commercial cleaning teams. In outsourcing the cleaning of your facility to the pros, you can be confident knowing that they have the resources and experience to deliver the results you deserve. 

Our team here at ABS janitorial services is highly trained and skilled in all facets of cleaning. We have the knowledge and experience around the chemicals, processes and technologies to make your space shine from the inside out. We specialize in everything from COVID-19 disinfection and floor care to windows and carpet cleaning. There is not a spot or surface we won’t touch! 

And, if eco-friendly cleaning is a priority, ABS janitorial is an industry leader when it comes to green cleaning solutions. We have the expertise to know what is both effective and safe for both the environment and your team. 

To reiterate, if you want superior results, reach out to the experts.

3.     Get back to business.

There’s a common entrepreneurial phrase: “Busy = Broke.” Like many business owners, you might try to do everything yourself, however this is only sustainable for so long. 

Having control over your business is one of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur, but it can also lead to overwhelm, overwork, and burnout. 

If you’re taking on the cleaning responsibilities in addition to everything else you have going on, it gets you farther away from what you’re best  at  – running your business! Even if someone on your staff takes over the cleaning and maintenance, you still have to manage them, purchase supplies, and oversee their work. All of this takes your attention away from your business. 

By outsourcing something so time consuming and laborious as cleaning, you’re getting time back in the day to focus on your own job. (If needed, refer back to #1 for how this will ultimately save you money!)

4.     Convenience is key.

People on your staff may call in sick or be away on vacation, however with a commercial cleaning service, your needs will always be covered. If you develop a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, you can rely on the comfort and ease of knowing your space will always be a good reflection of your business.  

Additionally, emergencies can and do happen, and professional cleaning companies like ABS  are always available to help. Should a flood or other emergency arise, someone on our janitorial services team can be there quickly, 24/7 to help with the cleanup. 

You can’t control everything when running your own business, however avoid any additional stress with the guarantee from ABS that you’ll always have a sparkly clean space.

5.     Make Your Life Easier.

Being a business owner takes grit, guts, and a tireless work ethic, but it will take its toll if you don’t take care of yourself. Know when you should call on the experts to help, especially for something so time consuming, yet important as cleaning. 

You’re busy. You already have enough on your plate, especially in the midst of this pandemic. Take the same fearlessness you had when starting your business toward knowing when to trust in others to help you. 

Outsourcing your janitorial services to ABS could end up being one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner!

ABS Janitorial Services: Proudly Providing Exceptional Cleaning Solutions in New York & The Surrounding Areas.

Being a smart and savvy entrepreneur is knowing that you can’t do it all. One of the best things you can do as a business owner is calling on the experts to help you run things smoothly.

At ABS, we are committed to upholding your company image. We use superior cleaning and janitorial services so that your facility is always spotless and something you can be proud of. For over 50 years we have serviced virtually every industry and commercial space imaginable in New York and around the country. Our team is dependable, highly trained, experienced and professional, but most importantly, we care about our customers. We work tirelessly to provide the cleaning and maintenance results you deserve.

No more than ever, life as an entrepreneur can be stressful. Let us handle your cleanup, so you can get back to business.

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