Eight Ways To Get Your Commercial Space Shining This Spring

Mar 17, 2021 | Commercial Cleaning

The birds are chirping, the snow has finally melted, and the clocks have sprung forward. Signs of spring are thankfully here!

As we welcome warmer temperatures, it’s time to get your commercial building ready for a new season. Especially for those with spaces or property in the Northeast where this winter has felt long and cold, several necessary maintenance and cleaning tasks should happen. 

Like residential cleanup, your spring to-do list should involve a thorough cleaning and sprucing up. Also, you may want to consider paying extra attention to areas of your space that visibly show the effects of Mother Nature throughout the winter.


With roots dating back to Biblical times, there is a rich global history behind spring cleanup. In the 1800s, people would do a deep cleaning in the spring following a winter that brought layers of soot and grime from the fireplace and traditional kerosene lamps. From Thailand Japan to right here in the U.S., the act of renewal and cleansing for a new season is a common practice shared around the world.

A thorough cleaning and proactive check of your commercial building is not only an opportunity for a healthier, more rejuvenated environment, but it can prevent problematic issues in the long-run. A clean and safe building is sure to boost the spirit of employees and guests, prepare for the hot months to come, and is an easy way to protect the investment of your property.

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With over 50 years of experience as a professional commercial cleaning and maintenance company, our mission at ABS-CBS is to, “Ensure that your business shines from the inside out and that your space is something you can be proud of.”

From restaurants to corporate office buildings in the Northeast and throughout the country, we have helped many businesses with their pre-spring commercial cleaning and maintenance needs. 

Here are the key considerations for getting your commercial space prepped and ready for warmer weather.


Mother Nature in all her glory, can be tough on building facades, concrete, and pavement. Power washing can remove materials like snow, dirt, allergens, and debris and make your outdoor surfaces look new. If left unattended, the grime built up after a long, harsh winter could lead to permanent damage.

Take a look at the spaces around your commercial building. Pay extra attention to concrete, pavement, pathways, and patios, as sand and salt used for snow removal can cause damage. Cleaning, repairing, and in some cases, replacing what may be damaged will not only improve the image of your business but protect and prolong its longevity.

A professional commercial cleaning services company can easily use power washing methods to save you from having to scrub by hand, not to mention they are well-equipped to reach tall buildings and hard to access spaces.


As the days get longer, and temperatures start to warm-up, it’s vital to schedule a deep cleaning for the interior of your space. It’s advisable to hire a commercial cleaning company to remove the grit and grime from the winter. Cold weather means boots laden with mud and dirt tracked indoors and sunless days, potentially causing indoor mold to grow.

Create a renewed look and feel in your office by focusing on all the details like freshening upholstery and other office furniture. Adding in extensive dusting, replacing light fixtures, and sanitizing desks can improve your space. 

It is likely that because of Covid-19, your business may already be utilizing deep cleaning methods. If not, adapting a post-winter cleaning regimen can mitigate extra dirt moisture, germs, and dust that tend to accumulate even more. 

While it may feel overwhelming, a professional cleaning company can alleviate the heavy lifting, and get your space sparkling for spring.


April showers bring May flowers, but what does this mean for you? Mud, dirt, and water into your space! And, all this comes after having the elements of winter tracked indoors. Your floors likely took a beating in the winter, so with spring upon us, giving your carpets and other floorings extra special attention is a necessity. 

Carpets may experience damage after the winter, which means that professional deep cleaning is in order. When carpets face neglect, you may be dealing with mold issues. Many offices keep their shades drawn over the winter for insulation purposes, and wet carpets could eventually become a breeding ground for mold.  

A professional commercial cleaning service can examine your flooring and clean them accordingly with the proper tools and methods to protect and preserve your carpeting!

Debris from salt, sand, and dirt can also cause problems on concrete or vinyl flooring. Deep cleaning should involve the cleaning, buffing, and scrubbing of baseboards, corners, and floors with high-powered equipment. 

As floor care experts in New York and the surrounding area, let us help you get and keep your floors looking like new this spring season.


Cleaning the restrooms in your commercial space is likely something you or your staff are already doing daily. However, a seasonal, professional cleaning is the best practice for a reset.

Extra care and time should be put into deep cleaning the grout between tiles, sanitizing all surfaces and spaces, and inspecting for cracks, leaks, and other damage that may lead to costly repairs. All trash cans, toilets, urinals, and baseboards should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with bleach-based products.


After a long winter, your employees and guests will want to soak up Vitamin D. The sun has natural healing properties – both for people and your commercial space – as it dries out mold and is also a natural disinfect. 

That said, thoroughly wash the exterior and interior of your windows. 

Your windows, especially on the outside, are likely caked with winter debris. Clean all windows, dust and wash drapes and blinds, and tend to screens that might need replacing.


Particularly as the weather warms up and states start lifting the COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining, it’s more important than ever for restaurants to ensure that their space is sparkling from the top down. 

Owners and managers should hire professional restaurant cleaning services to deep clean post-winter. Restaurant cleaning should include scouring the entire kitchen, hard-to-reach surfaces, carpets, flooring, and bathrooms.

Studies show that cleanliness is the number one factor for patrons when frequenting a restaurant. Special attention placed on hygiene and sanitation used for cutting boards, appliances, and other food prep stations is critical. 

As restaurant cleaning experts in the greater New York City area, we can ensure that your space is pristine.


How environmentally conscious is your business? Are you utilizing green cleaning products in your commercial space?

Spring is the perfect time to start! After all, Earth Day, an annual event celebrated globally to promote environmental protection happens on April 22.

Contrary to what some may think, green cleaning products do not mean less effective. In reality, it often means higher quality cleaning and less water without harsh chemicals that may break down the carpet. Green cleaning is for the environment and the people coming in and out of your building. 

Connect with us to discuss environmentally-friendly products and how we can utilize a green cleaning strategy in your facility.


While your efforts are being placed on cleaning and rejuvenating your commercial space at the start of this new season, a big part of building maintenance is being proactive to avoid costly problems down the line. 

A comprehensive walkthrough and evaluation of the space might not seem so obvious. In addition to high traffic areas and the parts of your commercial building that we guarantee attention to, a comprehensive check of your entire facility can help identify any potential situations before they become unrepairable issues. 

Could my equipment benefit from an upgrade?

How can I reduce my maintenance costs?

Are there small cracks or leaks that could potentially lead to damage?

If these questions have crossed your mind and your desk, now is the time to consider hiring a commercial cleaning company. Proactive building maintenance can save you costly repairs in the future.


Getting to your entire spring to-do list would be difficult and time-consuming to go it alone. 

Look to the professional commercial cleaning services team at ABS-CBS to handle all of your needs this spring and beyond. Our dedicated, experienced, and trustworthy staff will have your facility sparkling!

For over five decades, we’re proud of the quality results we’ve provided our clients in the Tri-State Area and around the country.

Spring into action and reach out to us today to discuss how we can get your commercial building looking like new!