Connecticut Janitorial Services

Connecticut Janitorial Company

ABS/CBS is a prominent commercial cleaning and building maintenance company based in Connecticut, serving businesses with comprehensive and top-quality services. Established in 1973 by Anthony “Tony” LoGiudice, a Naval officer and tug boat captain, the company has built a solid reputation for its professional and exceptional service. Known for its commitment to continuously adopting and implementing the latest technologies and products from the cleaning and building maintenance industries, ABS/CBS ensures that every facility they maintain offers an immaculate experience for its occupants.

The company prides itself on its family-centric atmosphere and strong work ethics, with the LoGiudice Family Foundation playing a key role in supporting its employees and their families. ABS/CBS operates with a competent team of professionals, led by Vice President of Operations Tom Harrigan, National Sales Manager Ken Frey, Senior Project Manager Robert Haight, and Controller Steve Galluccio.

In addition to their general services, ABS/CBS maintains an informative blog that covers a broad range of topics related to commercial cleaning and building maintenance. This includes specific guides for different types of facilities, tips for maintaining cleanliness in various environments, and the benefits of outsourcing commercial cleaning to professionals. Through these resources, ABS/CBS establishes itself as a leader in the industry, providing not just cleaning services, but also education and guidance to businesses and individuals alike.

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