A Taste of Cleanliness: Setting the Standard for NY Restaurants

Nov 1, 2023 | Restaurant Cleaning

Hey there, fellow foodies and restaurant owners in the heart of the Big Apple! If you’re in the restaurant biz in New York City, you know that besides serving up delicious dishes, keeping things squeaky clean is a must. In this guide, we’re dishing out some down-to-earth, real-world advice on how to maintain the best restaurant cleanliness standards in the city that never sleeps.

1. Make that Entrance Shine

Imagine strolling up to a restaurant, excited for a good meal, and you spot a smudged glass door and sticky handles. Not the best first impression, right? So, roll up those sleeves and keep that entrance looking spick and span. A clean entrance says, “Welcome, we care about your experience.”

ABS Helps: Our team at Advance Building Solutions (ABS) knows a thing or two about making entrances sparkle. We offer professional restaurant cleaning services in CT and NY, ensuring your entrance greets your customers with a shining welcome.

2. Don’t Forget the Floor Show

Our floors do a lot of heavy lifting. They catch all kinds of dirt from the busy NYC streets. Make it a habit to sweep and mop them daily. Spills happen, but they shouldn’t stick around for long. Wipe them up quick to prevent any slippery situations and to keep your place looking sharp.

ABS Helps: Our commercial cleaning services include specialized floor cleaning techniques to keep your restaurant’s floors pristine. Say goodbye to grimy floors, and hello to spotless surfaces.

3. Dive into Deep Cleaning

Think of deep cleaning as a spa day for your restaurant. Get into all those hidden spots, like behind the stove and under the fridge. A deep clean works wonders for banishing hidden dirt and keeping your spot spotless.

ABS Helps: Our team excels at deep cleaning for restaurants in CT and NY. We tackle those hard-to-reach places, leaving no nook or cranny uncleaned.

4. Tables and Chairs – Where the Magic Happens

Your customers spend most of their time at tables and chairs. They’ve got to be super clean. After each guest, give them a wipe down. Oh, and those condiment containers? Keep ’em germ-free. Sticky menus? Nope! Make sure they’re clean and sanitized.

ABS Helps: We provide comprehensive janitorial services for restaurants, including keeping tables, chairs, and menus spick and span. Your customers will enjoy a spotless dining experience.

5. Kitchen – Where the Magic Really Happens

Your kitchen is where the magic of cooking comes to life. It’s also where cleanliness is absolutely non-negotiable. Keep it tidy, clean as you go, and set aside time for thorough cleaning. A clean kitchen isn’t just about hygiene; it keeps the crew happy and cooking up a storm.

ABS Helps: Our expertise in commercial kitchen cleaning in NY and CT ensures your kitchen is not just clean but also safe. We know the ins and outs of kitchen cleanliness, from top to bottom.

6. Restrooms – the Unsung Heroes

Restrooms might be the unsung heroes of your restaurant. Yet, they often get overlooked. Nobody wants to dine at a place with a grimy restroom. Keep them sparkling clean, stocked with supplies, and smelling fresh. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

ABS Helps: Our restaurant cleaning specialists in CT and NY extend their magic to restrooms, ensuring that they’re clean, well-stocked, and inviting for your customers.

7. Pest Control – Keeping Uninvited Guests Away

New York City has its share of critters, but they shouldn’t be your restaurant’s guests. Get some pest control on your side, seal up those gaps, and create a critter-free zone. Your customers will thank you.

ABS Helps: We understand the importance of pest control in the restaurant business. Our team ensures that your restaurant remains free from uninvited guests.

8. Staff Training – Your Cleanliness Dream Team

Make sure your staff knows the cleanliness drill. Train them to clean as they go and follow those health and safety rules to a tee. Consistency in staff practices is the secret sauce to maintaining those high standards.

ABS Helps: ABS offers training for your team to maintain cleanliness standards between our commercial visits. We’re not just cleaners; we’re partners in maintaining your restaurant’s reputation.

9. Consistency is the Name of the Game

Keeping things clean isn’t a one-time thing; it’s an everyday deal. Set up a cleaning schedule and stick to it like your restaurant’s reputation depends on it – because it does. Customers will notice and appreciate your commitment to a tidy dining experience.

ABS Helps: Our regular daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule ensures that your restaurant stays consistently clean. We’re your go-to team for maintaining cleanliness day in and day out.

10. Bring in the Pros When Needed

Sometimes, you need to call in the experts. Consider teaming up with a top-notch cleaning company. They’ve got the skills, tools, and know-how to help you keep your place gleaming. It’s like having a cleanliness sidekick.

ABS Helps: At ABS, we are the experts you need. With over 50 years of experience in restaurant cleaning in CT, NY, and the surrounding areas, we’re your partners in maintaining a sparkling restaurant.

So, fellow NYC restaurant warriors, remember that maintaining cleanliness isn’t just about keeping the health inspectors happy – it’s about keeping your customers coming back for seconds (and thirds). Here’s to serving up a clean and delicious experience every time!

ABS Helps: When it comes to maintaining a clean and safe restaurant, Advance Building Solutions (ABS) is your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss your restaurant and kitchen cleaning needs in CT, NY, and the surrounding areas. We’re honored to serve up quality and trustworthy cleaning services for restaurants.