Why Professional Winter Office Cleaning Is Vital For Your Business

Nov 20, 2021 | Commercial Cleaning

Though the first official day of winter is December 21, wintry weather conditions are coming soon. While winter can be beautiful, the drop in temperatures means cold and flu season, and the onset of ice, snow, and moisture, all of which can take a toll on your facility. 

Additionally, in the winter months, days are shorter and there is less natural light, both of which can have an impact on morale and productivity.

No matter how messy winter may get, as the owner or manager of a commercial space, it’s critical to maintain a clean facility. Particularly with COVID-19 still looming, the health and safety of your employees, guests, and space depend on it. 

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment this winter necessitates working with a professional cleaning company. 

From office spaces and restaurants to retail stores, commercial cleaning experts can help you preserve both your company image and the health of your employees and guests. Here are a few key reasons why it’s so important to work with the professionals this winter.

Your Floors Need More TLC During the Winter 

The winter months can take a major toll on the floors in your facility. 

Rock salt, sand, and other snow melting chemicals are laid on most outdoor surfaces to combat heavy snowfall, freezing rain, ice, hail, black ice, and other wintry conditions. While effective in combating outdoor winter precipitation, the white residue from salt, sand granules, and other materials can remain on footwear and be tracked indoors onto floors and carpeting.

Through the winter, all the materials tracked by foot traffic indoors scratches hard surfaces, wears away floor finishes, and gets smashed into carpeting. Without proper cleaning and attention, the floors in your commercial space will take a beating, which may lead to replacement far sooner than would be necessary.

Here at Advance Building Solutions (ABS), we are floor cleaning experts, using Tennant Machinery, a leader in the cleaning industry to clean and maintain commercial flooring in spaces throughout the Northeast and nationwide. We understand the challenges posed by wintry conditions on your flooring and are here with solutions and expertise to ensure that your floors stay in impeccable condition.

Maintain Professionalism, Productivity & Morale

Cold temps, shorter days, and wintry weather conditions can have an impact on your employees’ morale, and as a result, the professional reputation of your business.

A meticulously clean and well maintained space will create a positive environment and boost morale. The visual look of your facility will set the tone for how both employees and guests feel.  

Washed windows, sanitized restrooms, and an organized work area can create a much more pleasant environment where employees take pride in their work. In fact, studies have shown that a clean work environment improves concentration and performance. A recent study found that 88% of study participants reported higher levels of focus, productivity, and a sense of calm when their work space was kept clean and neat. 

Health & Safety Have Never Been More Important

The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the need for cleanliness and hygiene in the spaces we live, work, and play. The health and safety of your employees and guests mean that greater resources and efforts must be put toward the cleanliness and disinfection of commercial spaces. 

During the winter months, heating systems are active and fresh air circulation is minimal, resulting in stagnant air and the increase of germs and allergens. The CDC estimates that approximately 17 million workdays are lost annually to influenza-related illnesses, many of which could have been prevented. 

To combat the spread of illness in your space throughout the winter months, frequent cleaning and disinfection by a professional cleaning service is a must.

Tips For Professional Winter Cleaning In Your Commercial Space

Work with a professional cleaning company to create a regular winter cleaning schedule for your space. Depending on your type of business, basic janitorial services should be done on a monthly basis at minimum. If you run a high traffic business that requires deep cleaning such as a restaurant or office building, professional cleaning should be done weekly, if not daily. 

Days are shorter in the winter, which means people rely on the precious moments of natural light more than ever. Increase the amount of light that comes through windows by ensuring that windows and shades are kept clean with regular dusting indoors and the layers of grime from outdoor elements are addressed. 

Other tips include:

  • Floor care
  • Upholstery cleaning 
  • Increased restroom sanitation
  • Limiting dust and air pollutants by cleaning of vents and other areas of your building where pathogens and germs can become trapped and circulate 
  • Sanitizing workstations, chairs, door handles, and other shared areas and equipment
  • Mopping of floors
  • Shampooing of carpets
  • Waste removal
  • Dusting and wood furniture polishing
  • Lobby or reception area cleanup 

Invest in the Health and Safety of Your Employees, Guests and Business

The holidays and end of year are extremely busy for many businesses, bringing a bustle of events, end-of year projects, and increased responsibilities. 

Working with a professional cleaning company will mean that your employees can focus on their jobs versus office cleaning and maintenance during this particularly busy time of year.

Hiring the experts will mean that the important job of cleaning your space is done effectively and efficiently. 

For over 50 years, we have helped companies of all sizes clean their spaces. As we often tell our clients, one of the biggest aspects of running a successful business is knowing when to rely on the experts to help things run smoothly. Rely on our dedicated and experienced team to handle your winter cleaning so that you and your team can focus on what you do best. 

No matter what Mother Nature has in store for your building this winter, know that ABS is committed to your company’s excellence, health, and image. We are here with solutions, experience, and the highest level of service to keep your space sparkling.

Connect with us here to discuss your winter cleaning needs, it would be our honor to work with you!